More About Tangibles

Ideum Standard Set

Standard set of 15 unique tangibles.
Our standard set of tangibles (3.5 inch diameter, 15 mm feet) ranges from letters A to O, giving users 15 unique tangible options. 

Purchasing Tangible Engine means buying a license. A Pro License comes with the first 3 tangibles (A-C), and a Site License comes with the first 5 (A-E). If all 15 are required, let your Sales representative know when ordering.

If rotation in a custom application is necessary, also let your Sales representative know so they can provide only the non-symmetric tangible patterns (D, E, F, G, H, I, M, N, O).

* Works on all Ideum Touch Tables that support TE, except for the 49’’ Pano & 86’’ Colossus

Ideum Beverage Tangibles

A set of "Beverage Tangibles" with 15 different patterns.
Our newest set of tangibles are referred to as our “Beverage Tangibles” because they have a wider base and can easily hold a beverage on top. 

These 5.25 inch diameter tangibles (15 mm feet) also come in 15 different patterns with names B01 to B15. 

The feet on these tangibles are the same size as the standard tangibles and work exactly the same as the standard tangibles, however, the bases are larger and allow for the possibility of more than 15 patterns. 

* Works on all Ideum Touch Tables that support TE, except for the 49’’ Pano & 86’’ Colossus

Ideum Colossus Tangibles

A set of tangibles for the 86 inch Colossus.
To improve upon the 49’’ Pano and 86’’ Colossus touch table experience using Tangible Engine, we have come up with a set of 9 new tangibles with a 5.25 inch diameter base and 20 mm feet. 

The larger feet and heavier base help to ensure that the Zytronic touch sensor picks up the tangible pattern more consistently and helps keep the tangible “alive” when moving it around the table.

* Works on all Ideum Touch Tables that support TE

3D Printing Tangibles

What you will need:
  • 3D Printer (Creator Pro) with 0.5 mm nozzle
  • Software to create G-code (Simplify 3D)
  • Conductive filament (PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black)
  • Non-conductive filament
Please see the Tangible 3D Printing document for a comprehensive guide to working with tangibles.

STL Files

Troubleshooting Custom-Printed Tangibles

When custom-printing tangibles, keep in mind that 3-point tangibles work the best. Only add more points once the 3-point patterns have been exhausted.

4 or more point tangibles can use 3-point pattern subsets, so when training those, increase the Conflict Delay variable to allow the engine time to look for the 4th point. Other variable values can also be edited to allow for a better result (i.e. sensitivity).

We recommend weighting the tangibles as well as using our conductive felt pads on the feet of the tangibles to allow for better contact with the table and better overall recognition. The felt pads allow the tangibles to easily glide across the touch table which reduces skipping and the possibility of a lost tangible.

Make sure the tangible is weighted evenly and does not wobble. All feet need to make contact with the table in order to be recognized as a pattern.

The feet of the tangible need to be a certain distance apart in order to recognize them as different touch points, so don't place the feet right next to each other. More details about the measurements can be found here.


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