Issues Opening Existing Project

Make sure you’re selecting the JSON file of an existing project, and not the parent folder the project resides in. 

Also make sure that the JSON file is in the correct project format and isn’t missing any required fields. If you create a new project and save it, that JSON will contain all of the required fields, and is therefore valid. 

If you select a JSON file not created by this application then it will not open.

Font Not Showing Correctly

If you’ve opened a project in the editor and your previously selected font is no longer showing up in the dropdown or is not displaying correctly on the text, make sure the font is installed and restart the application.

If you’ve moved your project to another computer, it’s possible that the font doesn’t exist yet on that machine, and will need to be installed.

If you’ve chosen a non-system font, that font will need to first be installed on your machine / Ideum touch table in order for the editor and/or executable version to display correctly.

Media Getting Squished

The media is set to fit inside of each section of the UI at its specific resolution and dimensions. If your media is not created with the specified dimensions, then it will either get squished or stretched. 

The left side UI is set to be a 3:4 ratio with a break for the top section and bottom section. The right side UI is set to be a 16:9 ratio so that videos should work without any updates to their size. 

For exact dimensions, look here.

Can the Connecting Line Be Removed / Hidden?

Yes, the connecting lines can be removed if they are not part of the desired look and feel of your application. 

To do this, open the Ring Editor and select the connecting line color. At the bottom of the color picker is the alpha channel which you can drag all the way to the left, so that the alpha is set to zero.


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